What Makes Us Tick?

There are a few different types of neurons, each
with their own purpose. Afferent neurons send information to the brain to process. They react to
the stimuli that come from the dendrites.
Interneurons pass the information from the afferent neurons to efferent neurons. Efferent neurons send
the information from the interneurons to the spinal
cord. They are the response to the stimuli.
Sometimes, however, the whole process doesn't
occur like that.
For example, when you touch a hot stove, or drop a knife, your body reacts before it goes to your brain.

Learn more about neurons [scientopia.org]

How Many is Too Many?
An overdose means havingOverdosing kills
too much of a drug or a
combination of drugs for your body to be able to cope with.  Taking more than one kind of drug at a time puts strain on the body and can increase.