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Send Us Your Psychology-Related Items

We would love if you contribute psychology related items for the website, such as papers, links to interesting articles, news, or interactive items.

For submitting papers, there are a few guidelines we ask you to observe:

  1. No plagiarism. The name on the paper is of the person who wrote it.
  2. Citations are a must. In-text references (eg. Myers, 2004) are good especially for longer papers, but what we need is a Works Cited or Bibliography.
  3. APA citiations are preferred, but we can re-format.
  4. Proper grammer please. If needed, we will fix it.
  5. Your name will be added next to the title of the article!

If you would like us to add your website or blog to our Resources page, send us a link and we will check it out.

Please send contributions to