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irukandji - psychological warefare of jellyfish

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Hands-on, interactive, psychology-related activities.... Yippeeeeeeee!

saikoFace ©

How can one element of the face change how the whole face looks? Starting with a neutral face, see how much emotion you can evoke by mixing and matching different facial elements. A Saikology original game!

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What You See game

Crazy Optical Illusions

These optical illusions created and collected by Michael Bach are fascinating, but more importantly, he explains exactly what is happening, why it is happening, and allows you to play around with the settings.

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Impossible Cube

Personality Test

A real personality test? This isn't like those dime-a-dozen quizzes all over the web. This personality test is the real deal, with information on how they assess the information, and what it means.

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Personality Test

Artificial Intelligence

Want to chat with a robot? Try these hilarious AI chatboxes that show early artifical intelligence.

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Or, start with Eliza, the first....

Eliza, born in 1966

The Power of Perception

See how our amazing minds percieve male or female body forms from simple dots. You can customize the body type, and even rotate it as the dot-person is walking.

Customize the Walker....

Or, try to guess the sex...

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Point walker