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irukandji - psychological warefare of jellyfish

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What is Psychology?

Psychology is sometimes defined as a science, an art, or a branch of either. Below are a few definitions, as well as a couple links for more in-depth reading.


  • Psychology is the science of the mind and behavior. (
  • "Psychology is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of animal and human processes and behavior. Psychology examines the impact of proper or improper physical and mental functioning on behavior; and, the effects of the external environment on behavior." (Dr. Rosalyn King)

  • The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. (Oxford Dictionaries)
  • Psychology is the scientific study of how people behave, think and feel. (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • "The profession (clinical psychology), scholarly discipline (academic psychology), and science (research psychology) concerned with the behavior of humans and animals, and related mental and physiologic processes." (Medilexicon's medical dictionary)